Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shepard Fairey: Clean Energy For America

Shepard Fairey never fails to bring powerful messages to the public through beautifully simple images. I admire his intelligence, his talent, and his unrelenting approach to art and politics.


Mandrake to Super 8

I love Los Angeles in the Summer time...

This Saturday one of my favorite bars, The Mandrake, is hosting an opening for artist Scott Benzel which starts at 7.00PM. Since the Mandrake knows that you need to lube yourself up for the occasion, they offer a pretty radical happy hour: $2 off cocktails, $5 PBRs w/ a shot of whiskey to wash it down, or a $5 Tecate w/ a shot of Tequila if you're feeling So Cal.
But it doesn't end there...
Less than two miles down the road Flux is hosting Super 8 which also begins at 7.00PM ending at 10.00PM
'The Flux Super 8 is the first annual showcase that celebrates eight of the most exciting and emerging filmmakers, video artists, and design collectives from around the world. The inaugural Flux Super 8 will launch with a show at the Scion Installation Gallery in Culver City. The artists will develop site-specific installations created exclusively for or premiering for the first time in Los Angeles for the exhibition.

The Flux Super 8 are: The Blackheart Gang (Cape Town, South Africa); Max Erdenberger (Portland, USA); Saam Farahmand (London, UK); Sophie Gateau (Paris, France); Miwa Matreyek (Los Angeles, USA); Terri Timely (San Francisco, USA); United Visual Artists (UVA) (London, UK); YesYesNo (Amsterdam, NL + New York, NY).'
I know what I'm doing this Saturday

Maleen Neel Rings

The street ring designed by Maleen Neel allows you to mix and match a variety of candy colored stones to your hearts desire...I'm way into it as life really is all about having choices. The band itself comes in two designs that look great side by side.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Project H Design

We champion industrial design as a tool to address social issues, a vehicle for global life improvement, and a catalyst for individual and community empowerment. Using a scalable local-to global model for all projects, design fellows and volunteers in 6 US and 3 international chapters work to create systems and solutions for the developing world, homelessness, education, foster care, health care, and more.

We are a global coalition of hundreds of designers worldwide. We work with, not for, organizations, enterprises, communities, and individuals. We provide enabling, sustainable, meaningful, and efficient design solutions.

Death & Taxes


Touchable Hologram Becomes Reality


Los Angeles Arboretum

Flux Super 8, Culver City


Support Health Care Reform in Los Angeles


Help Put Prop 8 on the Ballot in 2010